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 Oil & Gas Drilling Contractor in Kilgore, TX
 Octopus Drilling Company is a highly motivated, experienced, and competitive oil & gas drilling contractor based in East Texas. Our company provides land contract drilling services for independent and major oil and gas exploration companies. The company endeavors to deliver well cost savings to its customers through ongoing improvements and leadership in drilling efficiency and safety. We are committed to delivering consistent and dependable results for each of our clients, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone affected by our operations.

Octopus Drilling Company is a small drilling contractor with the desire to grow our business by building strong, safety minded, and long lasting relationships with our clients. Octopus Drilling Company was established in 2011,its a business partnership born out of friendship between George Moore and George Robert Fields and through the ensuing years, we have successfully drilled safe and efficient vertical and horizontal wells for multiple producers and operators. We have a proven track record of drilling topnotch oil and gas wells. Octopus Drilling Company currently has two hired drilling rigs and we are planning on adding a third rig as our client's needs grow.

Octopus Drilling Company provides competent and motivated personnel to meet and exceed the drilling requirements of our customers. We are a dedicated team that believes our clients deserve a quality drilling experience. The O.D.C. team is led by our Drilling Superintendent, Greg Elliott. Greg has over 35 years of experience in all areas of the oilfield from building locations to production. His vast experience and expertise are intricate to our success as well as an invaluable asset to our clients. Octopus Drilling Company. is determined to deliver a quality experience for our clients and to become "Your Quality Drilling Contractor"
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